Prof Ziegler studied Civil Engineering at the University of Karlsruhe particularly on rock and soil mechanics. Prof. Ziegler is now the holder of the Chair of Geotechnical Engineering and the head of the Institute of Foundation Engineering, Soil Mechanics, Rock Mechanics and Waterways Construction at RWTH University. Besides he is a member of numerous boards and committees, in many of them he is the board member and chairman. Since 2006 Prof. Ziegler is president of the section "Geosynthetics in Geotechnical Engineering (FS-KGEO) of the German Geotechnical Society (DGGT). He is also the head of the German Chapter of the IGS.

His works focused on Soil and Hydraulic Engineering, Disposal Site and Remediation Technology and Infrastructural Projects. Application of geosynthetic reinforcement is one of his main research topics. He also works on the interaction between soil and geosynthetic reinforcement.