Avoid and reduce the green house gas

Avoid and reduce the green house gas


As a pioneer in carbon intensity reductions in Asia’s power industry, CLP is committed to finding innovative methods to use the expertise and resources, such as the CLP Carbon Credits platform, to decarbonize the electrical sector and the broader economy as a whole.  A carbon offset is a decrease in carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gas emissions undertaken to compensate for emissions that have occurred.Customers of the CLP Carbon Credits platform may assess their carbon emissions and buy carbon credits produced by the company’s wind farms from anywhere in the globe. It is a component of Smart Energy Connect (SEC), a digital solutions platform established by CLP to provide companies and organizations with a wide range of digital energy technology and solutions.

Calculator for Carbon Offsets

In order to calculate the number of carbon credits needed to offset different activities on its website, CLP Holdings has created a calculator that is available to both people and companies. The following are examples of activities that may be offset:

Utilization of energy (electricity and fuel); travel (including air transportation, private automobiles, public transportation, and other modes of transportation); events (whether corporate or private); and personal lifestyle (a higher level overall personal assessment).

Achieve Your Sustainability Objectives

With every purchase, you will receive a certificate that will help you raise awareness about the battle against global climate change. The purchase of a carbon credit by a person or by a company results in completing a voluntary requirement of that carbon credit on the individual or business partner’s behalf.

A third-party auditor’s judgment and internal quality checks are used to determine whether to or not to award Carbon Credits by either the VCS Registry or the CDM Registry. They areproduced when the Registry verifies that the project has avoided the emission of greenhouse gases and awards a credit. Individuals and businesses may benefit from reducing carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits, which can offset their carbon emissions.

Carbon credits enable businesses to make up for the greenhouse gas emissions that they generate.Now, a new plan outlines a path toward developing a benchmark for how much carbon they save that is globally equivalent.Furthermore, it establishes the basic principles for transparent carbon credit trading.The proposal would increase financing for developing nations, where a large number of projects are being implemented.


What happens, though, to those activities that cannot be rendered carbon-neutral? Carbon credits are one possible solution.Businesses may offset their environmental impact by paying someone else to decrease their emissions or absorb their carbon emissions. Companies can utilize carbon credits to achieve carbon-neutral status in the most ambitious instances by using carbon credits.

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