Calcium Screening Test: To Ensure a Happy and Healthy Heart

Calcium Screening Test: To Ensure a Happy and Healthy Heart

The human body is a complex machine designed in such a way that the numerous vital organs work together to keep it running smoothly and in sync. And among all these vital organs, the most important one remains the heart, which is responsible for keeping all the other organs functioning by pumping blood all over. Being a key organ, we need to ensure that it functions smoothly without any inconveniences or blockages, and this can be done, through calcium score screening in West Orange, NJ.

Calcium score screening

We are fortunate enough to have technology developing with every passing year, and this advancement in technology benefits the field of medicine to a vast extent. One such benefit it provides is the process of CT scans and digital tests that can enable us to know if the organ is functioning properly, or not.

The heart consists of arteries and veins to pump around blood in the body, and sometimes, there could be calcium deposits in the arteries which can lead to the narrowing down of the coronary arteries. Such a condition is highly risky, as it is prone to higher chances of having a heart attack, and this can be avoided, through heart tests like a calcium score screening which can help us detect any plaque deposits. This screening is a non-invasive procedure performed using X-rays and CT scans.

Importance of calcium screening test

This test is recommended by doctors, mainly to know or check upon the following conditions-

  • If the heart has any birth defects
  • The formation of plaque in the coronary arteries leading to blockage of it
  • Any injuries or faults in the four valves of the heart
  • Any tumors present in the heart
  • If there are any blood clots found within the chambers of the heart

Hence, getting your heart checked is essential to ensure its well-functioning and avoid any risks. You can get a calcium screening test in some of the best centers that will provide you, with adequate care and attention to help ensure you have a happy and healthy heart!

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