The reference point for professional cleaning

We guarantee the efficiency of an experienced and prepared team, as well as the use of the best products and machinery for the optimal use of time and resources. All while respecting the working environment and for an impeccable and discreet service.

We guarantee efficient cleaning, accurate service and the security of a transparent relationship. Dialogue and customer care are as essential commercial cleaning company near me in Kitchener.

An efficient cleaning company

The experience with important realities has allowed Italiana Servizi to develop ideal cleaning procedures and strategies even in complex areas and large surfaces. From shopping centers to industrial plants, from hospitals to hotel chains, we plan functional and specialized professional cleaning.

All the advantages of choosing Italiana Servizi as a partner for cleaning services:

The reliability of a solid and tested service.

The guarantee of a company able to cover the whole national territory.

Cost and time savings thanks to the efficiency of integrated management.

Respect for the environment, waste reduction and the adoption of sustainable methods.

The traceability of a transparent and shared service.

The use of cutting-edge machinery.

The service in detail

Civil cleaning includes all operations aimed at professional cleaning of environments for civil and residential use. It is therefore a matter of cleaning hotels, offices, canteens, warehouses, etc. In all these cases it is essential that the premises are subjected to regular and well-organized cleaning.

The environment must be safe and welcoming for the staff and guests of the structure in question, for this reason an inspection will be essential to determine and plan the service.

Through the careful and discreet management of all cleaning operations and with the use of high-level IT and mechanical means, the result is maximized without interfering with its activity.

As specialists in facility management, Italiana Servizi coordinates timetables and services in the most comfortable and functional way for the customer and for the guests of the building.

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