Facts you should know about the wood flooring in hong kong

Facts you should know about the wood flooring in hong kong

If you’re planning a home renovation, at least one of your rooms will likely have wood flooring. Wood flooring has a classic appearance and a cozy atmosphere. With all the wood flooring information available, it may be challenging to sort through the noise. Let’s dive into the wooden flooring.

Learn about the three primary types of wood flooring available: solid hardwood, engineered wood, and laminate, as well as the pros and cons of each one.

A single piece of solid wood

This sort of wood flooring is made entirely of solid wood, as the name suggests. No other ingredients have been added. Thus it’s equivalent to any other stick of timber that’s been sawn directly from the log. “Hardwood floor” is the most common term for it.

Unfinished or prefinished hardwood flooring are the two main types of hardwood flooring available. The cost of unfinished hardwood is lower than prefinished, but it requires immediate mild sanding, staining (optional), and sealing after installation if you want to stain it. It is possible to walk on prefinished flooring as soon as it has been installed.

Installing and another process

You must restrict your use of an unfinished product until it has been properly sealed. The sealant must dry for at least 48 hours after you apply it. Even so, you may need to apply more coats. The benefit of using raw wood is that you may stain and seal it to your preferences. The advantage of prefinished products is the speed with which they may be repurposed. The subfloor must be made of wood before installing hardwood. Unlike other wood flooring alternatives, it cannot be laid directly on concrete or top of an existing floor. Hardwood floor installers are chosen because of the nail-down requirement. However, if desired, home improvement shops rent floor staplers.


Pay attention to the Janka hardness scale and choose a wood species (such as oak or ash) that is acceptable for your lifestyle and budget since hardwoods are more susceptible to scratches and dents than hardwoods wood. Bamboo is a popular hardwood flooring option. Since it appears “green” and ecologically benign, bamboo is sometimes considered a hardwood, even though This is all about wood flooring hong kong.

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