International shipments with home collection included in the price

International shipments with home collection included in the price

The cost of our overseas parcel delivery service always includes free home collection of your package. This is a great added value, which allows you to save your precious time. This is an essential service when you intend to ship completely online. Home collection is also essential for shipping pallets or heavy packages, india to usa courier.

Organizing your international shipments with is quick and easy. The whole process can be done from the comfort of your home and entirely online. Follow these simple steps.

  • Pack your package;
  • Measure the packed package;
  • Request a free quote;
  • Make sure the items can be shipped overseas;
  • Prepare important information about the items to be shipped;
  • Determine which customs documents are required;
  • Receive the international waybill ;
  • Wait for the courier or take the package yourself to the nearest collection center.

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For more details, see also the guide on how to ship your package abroad.

Be sure to write down the measurements you take on a piece of paper or something else so you can refer to them later.

The length will be the largest measurement on most packages.

Remember that all couriers have limitations in handling packages over a certain size.

  1. Rotate the measurement tool 90 degrees to find the width

The width is the distance from one “wall” of the shorter side of the box to the opposite wall. Stretch the ruler or tape measure on the package from edge to edge, then round the measurement to the nearest full centimeter.

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