Materials used to make coffee cups

Materials used to make coffee cups

You might be enjoying your early morning and evening coffee in different types of cups. Each individual has their own favourite cups to have coffee. There are some people who drink coffee only if they have their specific cup else they would be happy without drinking one. Did you ever think what your favourite cup is made up off? The custom paper coffee cups are most used in the tea stores but there are different types of material used in making coffee cups. Let us go through about them in detail.

  • Porcelain: Most people prefer the coffee cups made up of porcelain; this is because it keeps the liquid hot for long time. It is most durable cups and can be maintained very easily without much effort. You will get them in plain white or with some designs on it. The porcelain cups will have the glossy look on them which makes it more suitable for both the cafe and home purpose.
  • Glass: Glass cups retain the heat for long time and it also transparent appearance. But maintenance is very difficult as it has to be handled with care. Holding a hot glass coffee cup is not possible as the heat makes the glass hot. There are chances that if you pour to hot drink into the glass cup then it can break.
  • Paper: If you are drink coffee regularly than you might have drank coffee at cafe stores like starbucks and barista they use the paper cups to serve the coffee. These paper cups are coated with the wax so that the drink does not fall down.

  • Styrofoam: The cups made up of the Styrofoam can hold the heat for long time and even the person can hols the cup in his hand for long time as the cup does not get heat faster. But one craw back of these types of cup is that they are not biodegradable so that usage is coming down as it affects the environment. People have started using paper cups instead of the Styrofoam cups.
  • Plastic cups: The plastic cup has become part of every household. But one thing you need to keep in mind that you must use the best quality plastic cups else the taste of the coffee will change. But if you are using the good quality plastic cups than there is no need to worry about it leaving some different taste.
  • Aluminium or steel: The benefit of using steel coffee cups is that it retains heat longer than all the above mentioned materials but the cup should have the handle for sure. Else you will not be able to hold the cup. It can be cleaned easily and can also be used for long periods without any damage.


Hope you will keep the above mentioned points in mind while you go for shopping cups.

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