Locked, a Pure Telugu web series thrilled with suspense on Aha

Locked, a Pure Telugu web series thrilled with suspense on Aha

The exclusive Telugu video streaming platform Aha videos has been streaming wonderful web series, Telugu serials online under various genres in pure Telugu. Among the web series on Aha, Locked, which made under the genre of suspense thriller getting more views, let’s see the details, highlights of Locked now. Browse movies on aha today!


Dr. Anand Chakraborty (Satyadev) is a great neurosurgeon. He rescues many people in life-threatening situations by performing the most critical operations. He also serves tirelessly to eat. However, one night when he came home from work, he was attacked by a burglar and locked in a box. At the same time, two women come to Anand’s house to steal grandmother Padmini (Srilakshmi), Vaishnavi (US).

The man who captured Anand is deluded into believing that he is the owner of the house and tied up with narcotics and tied to a sofa. By the time the money in the locker is stolen and gone, Vaishnavism opens a box saying that more money and jewelry will be in the house.

Enjoying it, the two thieves untie him and save him. Knowing that he is the owner of the house .. If the car breaks down and comes for help .. The story is that the person in your place behaved rudely with us and that is why we were tied up.

However, Anand says that he will inform the police and they will come and tell him that the person who arrested him is working. The thieves try to escape from there. With this, the man who broke into the house, Anand arrests the two women who stole separately.

AnandKolligMisbah chases another police officer and enters the same house after an altercation with his wife. Drug party. The police suspect that there was someone other than the three of them in the house while attending the party. The objects he saw behind the house further heightened his suspicion. He is also seen by the women captured by Dr. Anand. However, the real story begins with Dr. Anand killing the policeman. How did those people who were locked in the doctor’s house get out? The mystery behind the original bliss is the main story.

Artistes’ Performance:

Satyadeva played the role of the protagonist Anand very well. He played a two-dimensional role as a psychedelic doctor and as a psycho thriller. Senior actress Srilakshmi impressed as appearing in a good, prominent role after many days. Samyukta, Vasu Inturi and AbhiramVerma acted to their extent.


Pradeep Devakumar’s direction is amazing. He handled the web series in the way of a super hit thriller movie. His gripping screenplay made every episode thrilled. Cinematography is the source of success in capturing a locked audience. Prashant Srinivas’ music composition to suit the scenes.


Direction, Story, Screenplay, Cinematography, Satyadev’s performance

Cast and Crew:

Cast:Sathyadev, Srilakshmi, Inturi Vasu, AbhiramVerma, SamyuktaHornadu etc.

Story, Screenplay, Direction: Pradeep Devakumar

Director of Photography:NijayGautam

Music: Prashant Srinivas

Producers: KS Madhubala, H Shanmuga Raja

Apart from Locked, there are many wonderful web series placed in various genres at Aha videos. So visit the Aha and get entertained now with Telugu serials online.

Main Essentials for Fashion Models

Main Essentials for Fashion Models

While top-end fashion models receive some of the best revenues in general, this is undoubtedly an industry that is very experienced and extremely vicious. However, many young people are still striving to enter the industry to become better models. It is practical that any novice model, male or female, should become familiar with everything they can about fashionable modeling.


In general, models are used to demonstrate the outfits that fashion designers make and serve the purpose of promoting these outfits that reflect current trends and tastes. They effortlessly runways with outfits and represent the fashion houses that use them. Fashionable models are not limited to clothing. They also promote clothing accessories, cosmetics, and other excellent products through videos, photos, catalogs, magazines, and posters. Fashion models have professional contracts and are well paid for their work.

Main Essentials for Fashion Models


Modeling in the fashion industry is not a person, but clothing. In modeling, there is something else besides a beautiful face. Many physical considerations go into choosing a model. Necessary talents, as well as flexibility suitable for working in various aspects identified in the fashion industry, are also a prerequisite. Innovation and development will allow any model to rise to the top. The ability to match the diversity required of fashionable models will make the model outstanding.


Female models are studied by agencies aged 14 to 22 years and should be tall, slender, with long legs and, in addition, have a normal low growth of about 5.8. However, there were exceptions, and, given that normal growth no longer exists, it is known that some models of female fashion have a value of 6.3. The chemistry in front of the camera and on the runway is important, as well as the ability of the body to fit well into model outfits. It is assumed that body sizes are at the level of 34-24-34.


It is assumed that male models should have a waist from 26 to 33 inches. They should have a chest ranging in size from 32 to 40 inches, and their lowest height should start at 5.11. Their age can begin at 16 years and end at 60 years. For male models, the profession is more extended than that of their female counterparts.


Fashion models must be customized to enter the profession by taking photos and sending these photos to modeling agencies. Photos are best taken without makeup. It is advisable to wear a dress that emphasizes the structure of the body. Having a portfolio and resume will also help, and it’s best to start small and talk in detail about what you started. When you have done everything you need, it’s time to sit back for your breakthrough into the universe of fashionable modeling.

Mystery Shopping Benefits for Mystery Shoppers

Mystery Shopping Benefits for Mystery Shoppers

Mystery shoppers are people who are hired to analyze the employees, products, and customer service of any organization. The benefits they get from mysterious purchases:

They like to do fun and fun work.

Mystery shoppers buy because they like to do it. Mysterious shoppers visit not only shops, but also restaurants and hotels. They should evaluate products such as food, drinks, spa and gym. Obviously, they must use products to value them. They get their money they spent on food back. To top it all off, they get a few bucks for this job. Very often they receive free food in restaurants and free accommodation in hotel apartments. It really is a “blow of two birds with one stone.”

Mystery Shopping

Acting attracts them

The current gives them a historic maximum. They are even paid for it. What more could they ask for? They get to the store in department stores with a hidden camera. They pretend to buy things and at the same time record convincing conversations of sellers in front of the camera. Sometimes they even dye their hair and shave their beards or mustaches to blend with customers. They do such fun and adventurous things to hide their personality.

They can participate in secret purchases at any time.

Secret purchases are open to people of all ages and categories, such as senior citizens, housewives, or professionals. Technological and economic developments have highlighted mysterious purchases. Former employees of airlines, banks, etc. They also work for mysterious trading companies. This profession is especially good for those people who are poorly employed full time or are not satisfied with their work. Mystery shopping is a good way to win for these people. There are several mysterious trading companies that register people as mysterious online shoppers.

They make good money

Different companies pay mystery shoppers differently. The money earned, in fact, depends on the nature of the work. For example, a customer may receive about $ 8 for small tasks, such as banks, while for more complex work; he will receive $ 25 or more. The effectiveness of a person also determines his earnings as a mystery shopper. There are buyers who earn about $ 100, working consistently for one day. The mystery shopper first starts at $ 5 per job. Hard work and sincerity allow you to earn hundreds of dollars a month and grow as a professional.

The task is sometimes very simple and easy to perform.

Sometimes these customers have to perform simple ATM pricing tasks. Mystery shoppers monitor their cozy style, regardless of whether they chew gum or not, as well as the time required for their delivery. This is the reason why mystery shoppers wear useful things like a stop or a digital watch. Mystery shoppers answer some questions in the form provided by their employers at the end of their inspection. They send it back to the mysterious purchasing company and from there they send it to the real customer.

Choose the right pet for your child

Choose the right pet for your child

Children love to have pets, as they are excited and drawn to the answers they receive from them. It also helps them instill a sense of responsibility. But the main question that intrigues all parents when they are going to buy pets for their children is this: which animal is better for my child?

There are several things to consider when choosing pets for your children.

All types of pets are available these days, so you should clearly know the size of your pet, the amount of care you will need, and your place of residence. In addition, your food and care should be taken into account. But most importantly, how much are you willing to invest in the purchase and maintenance of a pet? All family members should also be vaccinated against rabies and other pet-related illnesses.

Of course, your child’s age will largely determine the size of the pet. A small child cannot take care of himself, so there can be no question of a pet. In addition to how much time you and your family spend with your pet, you must monitor the care of your pet. Children need to be taught that pet care is a daily responsibility. They simply cannot escape their duty towards their care, even if they are tired of it.

right pet for your child

Depending on the type of pet that you and your children decide, the cost of your daily care. For example, if you choose a parrot, a hamster, white mice or rabbits, you will have to invest in a spacious cage, food and shelter, veterinary bills and annual injections, etc. The same can be said for dogs or cats, except that bills will be a little more expensive, and you will need collars, nurseries in your garden, for larger pets. When you go on vacation, you may be allowed to take your pet to some vacation spots. It’s great to play and run with dogs on the beach. If you cannot take the dog with you, you must find someone to take care of you.


Pets, large or small, require cleaning, brushing, exercise, etc. Almost daily, except for food and water. If you choose a dog, you will have to walk it and play sports to keep it in good shape. If you continue to work long hours and children go to school, you will need to make sure that the pet is fed. All pets love communication with people, so be sure that when you return from work, you will get much more than a dog wags its tail. It is always a good idea to spend some time with your pet, just like with a person. School holidays are a great time to communicate with and understand your pet.