The Ultimate Guide About Home Designs Of Japanese

The Ultimate Guide About Home Designs Of Japanese

A Japanese home is mainly the reflection of the financial well-being of the family. The people of Japan are mainly known for their awesome architecture as well as practical designs. The family home in Japan is mainly made of wood. Some of the important facts about japanese home design have been discussed in this article.

Important features to know about the Japanese homes

  1. The Shoji is mainly the sliding panel. This is made up of translucent paper made in a wooden frame. These are mainly used in the case of both interiors as well as exterior walls.
  2. Fusuma is the sliding panel. These mainly act as walls and doors. Fusuma helps in arranging space into bigger or smaller rooms mainly depending on the purpose. This is one of the most important aspects of Japanese architecture.

Minka are traditional Japanese homes. This is mainly composed of tatami flooring, sliding doors, as well as the wooden verandas encircling the home.

In the case of traditional Japanese homes, each of the rooms mainly opens to the outdoor garden. The wraparound veranda, which is otherwise known as the AMOMAThis mainly serves as the primary pathway to go home. Japanese traditional architecture mainly uses wood. Due to the risk of earthquakes, and typhoons, wood is mainly a preferred product in architecture in Japan.

Japan has got the combined effect of both modern as well as traditional architecture.

These are some of the important facts to know about the design of Japanese homes.

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