The Variety of Grinders Explained

The Variety of Grinders Explained

One of the most popular ways that consumers have enjoyed their cannabis over the years is through smoking it. There are a wide variety of grinders on the market, with their names such as grinder, miller and shredder. These produce various levels of broken up herb in varying combinations providing different types of smoking experiences.


There are many different types of container that you can choose from when it comes to grinding your weed. These range from devices that have transparent glass bowls, to sturdy plastic bowls. It is also important that they are not too small, as this will make it difficult for the grinders blades to turn effectively and evenly.

Blade or surface area

Your choice of blade or surface area will depend on the type of cannabis you plan on using for your smoking experience. If you are looking for a subtle taste and smoothness, then you will want to go with a 1/4″ grinders blade, and if you intend on using coarsely grounded herb for a stronger high then chose one with 2″ inch blades.

Pre-ground or ground herb

Pre-ground herb is preferable over direct ground herb, as this will produce for a cleaner milder smoke. If you are using a pre-ground container, then the instructions will tell you how much residue to remove from the herb before grinding.

Temperature of container contents

The contents of your container should be approximately 153F (67C), as this is an optimal temperature for cannabis combustion and heat extraction. However, it is very important to note that different strains and genetics have varying levels of THC, so do not expect the same results on every batch of weed.

Herb Grinder


There are a wide variety of options for filtration as well, ranging from a screen to even ash shaking. You should also keep in mind that you can use a water pipe or gravity bong with your weed grinder without any problems. However, if you do choose to use a water pipe make sure you clean it out thoroughly afterword to prevent your next smoking session from tasting like burnt plastic.


Although price is an important factor in purchasing the perfect grinder for you, the main factor that should be considered is what type of experience you are looking for when using your grinder. Grinders that are very inexpensive have to make up the money spent on them by overcharging for the herb. This can turn into a vicious cycle that will burn you out especially if you do not have a consistent herb supply.


The color of your grinder is entirely up to your own personal taste, but keep in mind that they all perform the same function and they are all made of durable plastic or metal.

You can also choose a grinder that has an integrated screen or one that houses a compartment for storing herb and pollen, but most grinders come with these features included so it may not be necessary to purchase one separately.

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